the ninth track

you thought there were only eight…….

This is crazy… can be a lead guitarist here >

Posted by tarryg on August 14, 2006

I just blew 30-45m here – wow! If you’ve ever want to be a great rock guitar soloist you have got to check this site out. A very cool piece of work – great site! Very, very addictive – you have been warned….

Rock on,

Tarry G


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Dogs “are” WYSIWYG

Posted by tarryg on July 15, 2006

Can I have anything else to eat?

Can I have anything else to eat? (Our dog Buddy)
Dogs can beg with every part of their bodies – particularly their eyes. They are quite amazing creatures. I hope I’m not this obvious…

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PCP – Post Conference Procrastination

Posted by tarryg on July 11, 2006

Yeah, okay so I’ve been back from Gnomedex 6.0 for almost two weeks now and I still haven’t looked at the business cards that I collected or written more than one or two emails to anyone. That’s pretty pathetic eh?

I heard about the conference at the Seattle TechCrunch Party (what was I doing in Seattle at this event – thats another story). Mike Arrington got up at the party to hold court. He saw Chris Pirillo in the crowd and told everybody that Gnomedex 5.0 was the best conference he had ever been too. That was enough incentive for me. Of course I never got around to booking the conference until it was sold out. I ended up buying a main room ticket via Craigslist from Dylan Greene though. He couldn’t make it – his loss my gain – thanks Dylan (at least he got his money back).

Anyway I had a great time in Seattle at this conference – probably the best “geekout” I’ve ever been too – okay the only geekout I’ve been too (other than when I was in high school and spent the night on a garage roof with a couple of freinds taking notes on a meteor shower).
Met some great people like Matt and Mike .
Chris Pirillo and his fiance Ponzi put on a great show, and their love for people oozes. I will be booking for Gnomedex 7.0 as soon as they post the details.

So whats next? – possibly wordcamp in SF, August 5th.

Tarry G

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Pig Parkers :-(

Posted by tarryg on July 9, 2006

Someone ought to go around and take pictures of these people, every city should have a website, where all Pig Parkers are posted – with their licence plates in full view! Hmmmm, I wonder if the is available…..
There is no excuse unless its an emergency to be a Pig Parker, and I mean a real emergency – not, I have to get to the store, or I need to go the bathroom. Here is a test for whether it was an emergency or not – Would you have parked it in the middle of the street and not even cared whether they towed it away. Thats it, no less! (Oh by the way, if you’re an irresponsible loser who does’nt care if they tow your care away – this example does’nt apply to you).

Oh, it case you are wondering what a “pig parker” is, its a phrase I invented today – a Pig Parker is a person who parks their car/truck/boat in such a way that they take up more than one spot or so that they are so close to the parking lines that they hinder or eliminate the ability of someone to get into their car who is parked beside them.

I should have taken a picture. It was spectacular! A very busy evening at our local shopping mall – hard to find a spot even remotely close to the store. So I’m doing the usual “parking hunter” routine, driving up and down the ailse looking for a spot – because there is no way I’m parking far away (note: far away is defined as more than 200ft from the entrance).

I turn the corner to go down the last ailse I would consider (we are at my 200ft range) and what do I see?!!? Yes you guessed it! A big pickup truck parked at a angle so that it purposely takes up two parking spots!!!! After mumbling a few words which no doubt caused the Holy Spirit to leave my car….I had some ideas…..if it wasnt for the following reasons, I would have taken some action:

– I’m not a violent person
– I’m afraid of getting caught
– My concience would kill me
– It’s not my style, but I did think it…

What I wanted to do was to take my car (think hummer, but its not) and use my car to bash the pickup truck at various angles and various speeds until I could “bash” it into one spot. This would have no doubt taken a number of hits. Then I would have left a note on the car suggesting that they park properly next time.

Ah….I feel a lot better now….

Tarry G

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Twelve rules is over for now….

Posted by tarryg on January 21, 2006

I will just make mercifully short (for me). TwelvesRules is a great idea – I believe it will thrive, but not for me, not right now. So, it is not dead – but in hibernation. Thanks for watching.


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Only a fool would live on the North Shore

Posted by tarryg on January 14, 2006

The North Shore is one of the greatest places to live in the World! – Shhhhhh – we don’t want everybody knowing it! Let’s keep it to ourselves. So here are some great lines when people ask you where you live:

– “The Lions Gate Bridge is always a nightmare….”
– “How would you like to live in a community the highway runs through…”
– “It’s so much more convenient to live in Vancouver than here…..”
– “Have you seen our tax rates!…..”
– “Having to connect to the mainland via bridges makes you feel like an outsider…..”
– “The best restaurants are across the bridge…..”
– “Yes we have the mountains but there’s really nothing cultural to do here…..”

Don’t forget to look sad and apologetic when using these lines. You get the idea and I’m sure you can think of your own lines, but feel free to start with these.

Tarry G

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Rule #3

Posted by tarryg on January 10, 2006

No food consumption three hours prior to bed time – in a perfect world I’m eating well combined meals that should be digested in 3-4 hours, so that when I’m sleeping  – all of me is actually getting rest.  If you go to bed with undigested food your body "works" digesting food when it actually should be getting a good nights sleep.  Depending on what you ate that is still undigested, you may find yourself affected mentally too. 

Ever gone to sleep just after eating a bunch of pepperoni pizza – nightmares, indigestion and you wake up feeling like you never slept.  That’s you’re body working all night instead of resting.  Don’t do it.  It’s my new rule.

BTW in case you’re wondering how I know this – I read it in a book, I’ve experienced it, and it makes sense.  Yeah I know my "fact credibility" ratings just dropped – its okay, it was too high anyway.

Tarry G
(calculating what time 3 hours after this little snack will be……)

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Posted by tarryg on January 5, 2006

So…. a friend of mine was asking me earlier today about my next rule – my response was along the line of "I’m not sure how to articulate my failure and yet keep adding more rules".  I guess that had a "I’m failing at this and ready to quit already" tone to it (which was not too far off the mark). 

His response was as follows:

  • (warning explicit language) "You can never expect any success if you allow your failures to be compound versus simple.  So, it hasn’t been exactly as you had anticipated, big f**king deal. Get back on the horse, get up at 6, drink your water, and make up your next rule.  You stuck your head up on this one as I presume you wanted some accountability – so here it is – DO IT!."

I’m an encourager, this is the primary work that I do every day.  I do it all the time and yet I forget how powerful words can be – even in a email.  Thank you, (you know who you are).  I’m back and with vigor. 

Rule 3 coming up…..

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Rule #2

Posted by tarryg on December 3, 2005

Drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day – given the time of year, the newness of this program,and my general health I decided to go with the (seemingly) easiest of the current rule options. 
I will have more to say about this later today/tomorrow – but as its already Dec 2, I thought I would quickly post this now.

Tarry G
a Camel

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State of the Union

Posted by tarryg on November 26, 2005

Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog – which probably means almost no one is reading this – that’s okay, perhaps its even better, it kind of makes this more of a public/private journal of my experience.  I’m cool with that.

So – you ask, hows it going waking up at 6am everyday.  Well let me tell you, its been an eventful month.  Up until I got quite sick four days ago I was probably averaging 80-90% success at getting up by 6am.  It was tough, because I wouldn’t go to sleep at the "right" time in order for this to happen.  Many nights I would only get 4-5 hours sleep.  Sometimes for good reason, but mostly for bad.

In the end I’m laying here at home as I have been for the since last Tuesday sick with acute bronchitis, maybe even pneumonia, and one of the reasons I’m here is that I believe my body was very tired in general and so was not working as best as it could and become susceptible to sickness. 

My doctor prescribed some heavy antibiotics and I’m prayerfully on my way to healing.  So no 6am for me.  I wake up when I wake up – oddly enough its often very earlier than 6am, but even if it wasn’t my plan is to let my body rest at home until I’m well enough to go back to work.

The other new thing that has happened in the last two weeks is that I have gone to see a Naturopath.  This was a very interesting experience.  I’m not convinced that this is the way to go from a health perspective, nor am I convinced from a spiritual perspective, but I thought I would give it a shot.

So – the next step for me is to determine what the next rule should be.  We are almost at the end of the month.

I’m thinking:

  • 30 minute brisk walk everyday, rain or shine.
  • 8 Glasses of fresh clean water everyday
  • Wash the Car and clear the Desk once a week

I’m open to hearing other ideas…..

Peace Love Dove,
Tarry G

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